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We recommend you review our FAQs prior to placing your house plan order. 

If you have questions, please Contact Us.

Will my house plans include a stamp from an architect or engineer?

All house plans comply with the International Building Code.  Our plan sets do not include a stamp from an architect or engineer.  We sell house plans all over the country and since each area has different regulations, it may be necessary for the purchaser to hire a structural engineer to complete this requirement.  We highly recommend you research what is required in your area prior to your purchase.

Important:  Structural design and drawings are site specific due to the variations in natural conditions from site to site, local code requirements and local building standards.  We recommend you use a local engineer licensed in the area you are building to provide the structural drawings to accompany our drawings.  Framing plans are not included.  Structural drawings provided by your engineer will specify foundation, beams, posts, columns, headers as well as tie downs, anchors, connectors and all other structural items.  Plumbing locations are shown to locate plumbing through the slab. 

Why isn't structural engineering included in my house plan package?

Almost all of our designs originate for specific lot conditions here in Florida so the engineering and specifications would not apply in other states or other countries.  Sometimes they don't even apply in different jurisdictions within Florida.  It is indicated in your agreement that South Florida Design does not provide structural engineering.  Sometimes clients will ask us to coordinate with a local engineer in which case we would suggest a firm.

Will the plans include detailed plumbing, electrical and HVAC information?

The proposed A/C condenser and air handler units are shown on the plans.  The duct sizing would typically be determined by your A/C contractor. Your builder will coordinate with your truss manufacturer, structural engineer, and A/C contractor to verify chase locations and duct layout and access provisions since structural and truss design will vary per provider.

The plumbing locations are shown on the slab plan.  Plumbing line sizes and locations would typically be determined by your plumber. Your builder will coordinate with your truss manufacturer, structural engineer and plumbing contractor to verify chase locations and plumbing layout and access provisions since structural and truss design will vary per provider.

There is an electrical layout included in the plans.  Circuits and service would typically be provided by your electrical contractor in coordination with your builder.

If additional plumbing, electrical or HVAC information is requested for permitting or by builder, we recommend that a local engineer provide that information.

How many times can I build the house plan purchased?

When you purchase a house plan, you will receive a license agreement to build the home one time and one time only.  MultiUse agreements are available.  Contact Us to inquiry about MultiUse license agreements.

What is the pricing for a multi-use license for a ready-to-purchase house plan?

Multi-use licenses are available upon request.  Failure to obtain a license number by South Florida Design for each use of the plan prior to submitting for permit will be considered a breach of contract.  The fee for the 1st use will be the price of the CAD/PDF for the specific plan.  For each use of the plans following the first use, the licensee must provide South Florida Design with the legal description and address of the property upon which each residence is to be built and shall request a license agreement, number and pay a fee (a reduced fee of approximately 50% of initial CAD/PDF price) for the first 4 reuses prior to each subsequent permit construction.  The reuse fee for the 5th build and thereafter will be approximately 50% of the reduced fee.  A separate license agreement and number will be issued for each use of the design under the terms of the multi-use license agreement.

Are South Florida Design's house plans copyrighted?

Yes, all of our house plans are protected by Federal Copyright Act, Title XVII of the U.S. Code and Chapter 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations.  Utilizing any part of our house plans is an infringement of South Florida Design's copyright and could be punishable by law.

What version of AutoCAD does South Florida Design use?

We use Autodesk AutoCAD and files will be converted to ACAD 2000.  File extension is .dwg.

What are the steps when I buy a ready-to-purchase house plan?

Here is the step-by-step process for buying a ready-to-purchase house plan:  Ordering Ready-To-Purchase House Plans

What are the steps if South Florida Design creates a custom design for me?

You can view our step-by-step process of how the custom house plan design process works:  Step-By-Step Ordering Procedure

Are refunds available if I buy a ready-to purchase house plan?

After purchasing, you will receive the CAD and/or PDFs of our copyrighted house plan.  Due to this fact, we are unable to provide a refund to you once you receive the order.  We recommend that you do all of your research before finalizing your order.  We are happy to assist with this process to ensure the house plan is perfectly suited for you.

How long will it take to receive my ready-to-purchase house plan order after payment is received?

After we receive your order, we will send you a license agreement for completion.  Your order will be started once the license agreement is returned because we need this information to make sure the building codes are correct on your order.  Once the completed license agreement is received, you will receive your order within 1-2 days.  If your order includes a wall conversion or reversal, there will be another day additional lead time.  If you modify the plan, we will provide you with a timeframe for completion when you request a quote.

Can the ready-to-purchase house plan designs be modified?

Yes.  Please review our modification policy below:

For plans licensed to build in Lee or Collier County, Florida:  All modifications to any ready-to-purchase house plan purchased to be built in Lee or Collier County, Florida, will be completed by South Florida Design only.

For plans licensed to build outside of Lee or Collier County, Florida:  Customer may modify the ready-to-purchase house plan as required for a one time build only.  Should the plan be modified in anyway, South Florida Design requires the customer to provide a complete set of electronic files of the plan reflecting all changes made.

Can I reverse a ready-to-purchase house plan or change the exterior wall construction?

Yes, our house plans can be reversed and 2x4, 2x6 and 2x8 wall conversions are also available.  The charge ranges from $250 to $650 each for reversal or wall conversion and is based on the square footage of the house.  Pricing can be found on each specific house plan page.

Does South Florida Design sell study sets?

No, we do not sell study sets.

Does South Florida Design provide material lists for their plans?

We do not provide this service.  Although we do not have any recommendations, we encourage you to research online companies that can create a list for you.

Will I receive a PDF set of drawings when I purchase a CAD file for a ready-to-purchase house plan?

Yes, we will send you a PDF set of drawings when you purchase the CAD file.

Can I buy a set of house plans for review before I purchase?

South Florida Design does not provide study sets.

Will I receive paper sets with my ready-to-purchase house plan order?

We do not provide printed paper sets of our orders.  We would be happy to send your order to a blueprinting company located in their area so they can make sets for you if you provide us with an email address.

Why can't I open the CAD file I received?

The CAD file can only be opened with AutoCAD software.  For your convenience, we will provide you with a set of PDFs also.

Can I view the side and rear elevations prior to buying a ready-to-purchase house plan?

Rear elevation sketches are typically available on the house plan page.  If you do not find one, please Contact Us.  We do not provide side elevation sketches.

I am interested in a house plan that is "Coming Soon". How should I proceed?

Our "Coming Soon" house plans are pending release for sale on our website.  If you have an interest in one of them, it is worthwhile to contact us.  In most cases, they are in for final review and we can give you enough information so you can decide if the house plan will work for you.

Can I see the house built?

If the house is a model home currently open and available, we will be happy to provide you with an address.  If it is a private residence, to protect our valued customers, we will not provide this information.

What is South Florida Design's privacy policy?

Our complete privacy policy can be found here:  Privacy Policy

Did we answer your questions?

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